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Southern Historical Research and Recovery Association

  Louisiana's Largest Metal Detecting Club - Serving TX, LA, MS, & AL 

Click HERE to pay Club Dues !!!

*If you do not have a PayPal Account, you still may use a card.

*You may pay your Membership Fees - $40 + $2 Fee

*2017 Huntnic Fee - $168 + $5 Fee

(Fee: PayPal Charges us 2.9% + $0.30 on each transaction)

Payments go to our Treasurer Richard Angelico.

$25 of Membership Fees go toward Huntic Prize Purchases.

$15 of Membership Fees go toward $2 Million Liability Policy

100% of Huntnic Fees & Raffle Sales go toward Huntnic Prizes!!!

The sooner you pay, the more cash on hand we have to purchase relics/prizes when the opportunity arises.

Learn more about our Annual Huntnic, Click HERE

If you have any further questions, Click HERE

Membership Fee - $40

Huntnic Fees: Minimum $100 in Raffle Tickets $30 for the Token Field $30 for the Relic Field

$8 for Lunch

$168 Total Huntnic Cost