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Southern Historical Research and Recovery Association

  Louisiana's Largest Metal Detecting Club - Serving TX, LA, MS, & AL 


1.        Thirteen categories shall be established for the find of the month contest

Most Coins

Most Bullets of 19th Century or older

Civil War Buttons

War of 1812 Buttons

Civil War and Pre-Civil War Relics

Buttons (all non-C.W. and Non-War of 1812 metallic buttons)







Wild Card

2.          All finds entered must be found between the last month’s meeting and the current meeting.

3.          The voting shall be for the best 3 entries in each category. This shall be done using the supplied ballot sheets. Points shall be earned in accordance with Article XII, subparagraph 3, below.

4.          Each member may enter only one find in each category.

                                   TREASURE HUNTER OF THE YEAR AWARD

1.          A Treasurer Hunter of the Year Award shall be presented at the February meeting each year to the member with the most points earned for the preceding year.

2.          The winner must be a member in good standing.

3.          The criteria for winning is set upon a point system:

a.          Everyone who enters a category is awarded one point for entering.

b.          Three points are awarded to the first place winner in each category, plus one point for entering for a total of four points.

c.          Two points are awarded to the second place winner in each category, plus one point for entering, for a total of three points.

d.          One point is awarded to the third place winner in each category, plus one point for entering, for a total of two points.

4.          In the case of a tie, each member receives the same number of points for that place.

5.          The contest starts at the February meeting and continues thru the meeting in January the following year.