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Southern Historical Research and Recovery Association

  Louisiana's Largest Metal Detecting Club - Serving TX, LA, MS, & AL 

S.H.R.R.A. Code of Ethics

I will respect the rights and property of others.

I will obtain permission before hunting on property that is privately owned.

I will observe all laws, national, state and local.

I will fill all holes and leave the land and vegetation as it was.

I will remove all trash dug from the ground and all litter I find when I leave the hunt site.

I will not destroy or deface signs, equipment, or structures.

I will build fires in designated or safe areas only.

I will conduct myself with courtesy and consideration for others and set an example by my conduct which reflects credit on myself and the hobby.

I will not hunt any site for which the Club has received permission to hunt, unless duly authorized by the Club.

Relic Hunting Etiquette

-Always fill your holes.

-If you open a gate, close it behind you

-If you carry it in, carry it out.

-Be extremely careful about smoking and fires.

-If a friend or fellow club member invites you to one of his or her digging spots, it does not become your spot as well. Proper etiquette requires you check with your friend or fellow club member and the land owner before going back to that spot alone or bringing someone else with you. This is a cardinal rule of relic hunting.

-Don’t hunt too close to someone else. This is considered rude behavior and your detector may interfere with the other person’s machine.

-Keep good records and descriptions of your finds. This is called “Provenance” and can greatly enhance the value of your find in the future as well as providing potential valuable historical information about the area and the item found