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Southern Historical Research and Recovery Association

  Louisiana's Largest Metal Detecting Club - Serving TX, LA, MS, & AL 



Oct 20th, 2018

Location: Covington, LA

Our Annual Huntnic is the most anticipated event of the year for all our members. The Huntnic provides Good food, great fellowship, and tons of digging fun for all ages. We have members that travel from Mississippi & West Texas to attend every year

Eligability to attend/info:

1) Be a member in Good Standing with the SHRRA

2) Must Purchase a Minimum $100 in Huntnic Raffle Tickets (Each ticket is good for 1 Raffle Prize Draw)

3) Food is $8 per Member

4) Token Field is $30 - 1 Acre field seeded with over 100 prize tokens. Each token found is good for 1 draw at a chance for the token prizes.

5) Relic Field is $30 - 2 Acre field seeded with many many great relics and coins.

6) The Famous Hoola Hoop hunt is $1 per Chance

     -The hoola hoop field is seeded with prize tokens, silver coins, etc.

     -Each Member pays $1, grabs a hoola hoop, walks out on the silver field and places their Hoola hoop anywhere they want.

     -When the whistle blows, you will have one minute to dig & keep all the targets you can find within your hoola hoop. 

     -At the end of the minute, coils in the air, back in line for another chance.